Documenting the progress of a construction project with visual elegance, scheming up a brand-new look for a parkway or esplanade, monitoring the condition of far-flung transportation routes — the power and reach of geospatial imagery can’t be overstated, and there’s virtually no field it doesn’t apply to.

Capturing that imagery — and effectively tapping its immense informational and communicative value — is made easy with the Applied Streetview Original 360 Camera, designed as a user-friendly and affordable turn-key solution for project managers of all stripes.

It boasts better than 8k resolution, records 7 Streetviews per second, has a storage capacity of up to 250,000 street views per SSD, and is compatible with GPS, GLONASS, BaiDo, and the Galileo positioning system. The Applied Streetview Camera System facilitates the capture of geospatial imagery in a wide array of settings, all in a remarkably easy-to-use system.

Three Applied Streetview Camera Packages for Any Application

The Applied Streetview camera delivers unmatched versatility; a must for real-world applications, to state the obvious. It’s available in three ready-to-use mounts that let you nab Streetviews across a dizzying breadth of turf.

The Car Camera Package allows users to analyze roadside infrastructure, thoroughfares, and other subjects with a 360-degree field of view. It yields an immense storehouse of useful information with an absolute minimum of hassle; the driver alone can easily rig the magnetic camera mount to the vehicle in mere minutes, and recording, mapping, and switching out SSDs are all a piece of cake, as is the actual data-processing back in the office.

The Railway Camera Package — protected by a rugged, rainproof housing — produces the same comprehensive and high-resolution imagery along rail corridors, logging 1,000 kilometers of track with the recording distance set to five meters.

And then — for back alleys, sidewalks, trails, beaches, and all those other off-road, off-the-beaten-track, or outside-the-box throughways — there’s the Backpack Camera Package. With this highly portable setup, you can document routes and points-of-interest on foot or by bicycle, motorbike, or whatever other preferred mode of transport. With some six hours of battery life, this lightweight camera is ready to go just about anywhere and capture top-quality images throughout.

For all three packages, you’re able to collect these Streetviews via a number of different release modes depending on your needs: distance, interval, point-of-interest, and manual.

From Installation to Data Collection to Processing; User-Friendly Every Step of the Way

The Applied Streetview Original 360 Camera sets itself apart not just for the quality of the product and its endless applications, but also for its ease of use. This is a truly in-house, on-demand, turn-key solution. Whether you’re an engineer, city planner, or land manager, you needn’t seek out the expensive services of GIS consultants to incorporate Applied Streetview technology into your projects.

While training in the camera packages is readily available, it’s by no means required. You don’t have to outsource any part of the Streetview process; your workflow doesn’t drag on account of sluggish preparation or delivery stages. The user-friendliness and quick turnaround of the Applied Streetview experience means less time fiddling over setup and processing and more time gathering the data you need and analyzing, displaying, and sharing the results however you wish.

And speaking of sharing, you don’t need to make your Applied Streetview Original 360 Camera imagery public at all, as do some other services require of their street views. Panoramic geotagged views of byways and cityscapes, fine-tuned assessments of infrastructure, visual timelines of project progress and process: there’s no end to the applications of the Applied Streetview Original 360 Camera, which puts first-class street view solutions in the hands of on-the-ground users who need it most.