Applied Streetview is a Germany-based high-tech company that serves the international market. It was created to assist companies worldwide in recording on-demand, 360-degree streetviews by themselves, within a very short turnaround time and at an affordable cost. Since its founding in 2010, Applied Streetview has earned its place amongst the most successful companies of its kind worldwide.

Worldwide Availability

The Applied Streetview 360 Original Production Systems have been deployed to more than 30 countries on 6 continents. No matter where you are on the map, you can get access to all of our company’s products and services.

Who is Applied Streetview for?

The 360 Original Production System was developed in collaboration with clients from multiple industries, with the aim of creating a product that is tailored specifically to your needs. Applied Streetview can be used in multiple fields. Below are the main industries which successfully use our products & services:

Transport & Logistics

Monitoring and optimizing delivery routes

Telecom industry

Fiber-optic cables & construction planning

Railway industry

Documentation of tracks for maintenance & construction

Electricity industry

Power lines & Construction planning

Petroleum industry

Oil & gas pipelines

Mining industry

Maintenence, Planning & Documentation

Construction industry

Planning & Documentation for compliance

Chemical industry

Plant documentation for maintenance & construction

What does Applied Streetview do for you?

The company assists engineers and technicians in recording streetviews with the Applied Streetview Original 360 Production System. You can later edit and process the footage using the available Applied Streetview software. You are therefore getting access to a holistic solution which will provide you with all the resources you need to create streetviews by yourself, without needing to resort to specially trained engineers.

How did it all start?

Applied Streetview was founded by Mr. Jan Martin Mantkowski  in 2010. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Mantkowski knew that decision-makers often need streetviews to manage the development and maintenance of large-scale urban, rural and industrial infrastructures.

However, at that time all existing streetview solutions were expensive, difficult to implement and time-consuming to operate. Many companies and organizations were forced to rely on hard-to-find vendors to create the streetviews they needed.

Additionally, these vendors had to be booked a year in advance, for which they would provide the streetviews months after the recording was finished, and charge very high fees (by the kilometer) with sizable minimum purchase requirements.

Mr. Mantkowski decided there had to be a better way!

Realizing the urgency to revolutionize the system, Mr. Mantkowski created Applied Streetview to meet the needs of companies and organizations wanting to create on-demand streetviews, with a short turnaround time and at an affordable price.

Get the facts!

Discover how the system works by viewing our available case studies, and learn how the Original 360 Production System can streamline your work processes.