Applied Streetview is a leading turn-key streetview camera system provider. With our Applied Streetview Camera System, we are helping businesses across the world save time and money when creating streetviews, keeping the entire process in-house.

Up until now, many existing systems for creating mass streetviews were complicated and relied on outsourced services or engineers to complete the procedure. Mr. Jan Martin Mantkowski, CEO of Applied Streetview, realized that these systems did not satisfy its customers and there was a requirement for a new way of capturing streetviews.

Armed with a high quality Streetview Camera System to fill this gap in the market, he launched German Streetview Technology GmbH in 2011, and the Applied Streetview brand in 2015.

We were founded in Germany’s “Silicon Valley” state, Hessen. Our office is located just 10 minutes from Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt am Main. We serve customers all over the world, working both locally and remotely to provide the best solution to our clients.

Turn-key Streetview Camera System

Applied StreetView Kamera

Our Streetview Camera System is the first easy to operate, turn-key streetview solution. Available in three mount options to capture data in a range of environments, it enables the end user to mass produce high quality streetviews without the need for external engineers or services.

Each Streetview Camera System is centered on an extremely powerful camera with incredible data capture capabilities. This camera can then be used with a car, railway or backpack mount to record streetviews in almost any environment. Each Streetview Camera System is controlled using an app on a wireless tablet, adding to the usability. The end streetview data can be analyzed and processed into working players using simple but powerful programs we have developed to aid our customers.

All three production steps can now be done by the end-user in-house, with their own staff. You decides what is recorded, when and how often. Recordings can be processed overnight and are online the next day, meeting all professional targets and deadlines. What’s more, there is no obligation at all to publish to the public, keeping sensitive streetviews safe.

Our ultimate aim is to ‘see the world through the eyes of the customer’ and our series of products reflect this.
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