High End Streetview Camera for Professionals

Create Streetviews at 100+ mph

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Original 360 Streetview Production System

We enable your company to record and process streetviews all by itself. Simply attach the Original 360 Camera onto one of the four Mounting Systems available and start recording by car, train, ferry or with a backpack while walking, hiking, cycling or riding a motorbike. The player is created automatically when you process the recorded images.

Original 360 Camera

Easy to Operate

All hardware and software is created with ease of use in mind. No engineers needed.

End-to-End Solution

A comprehensive solution that covers planning, recording, processing and display.

Private Recordings

There is no obligation to publish to the public. You can keep all of your Streetviews to yourself.

8k+ Resolution

The Streetviews measure 8192 x 4096 pixels. That is even larger than 8k!

All you need to create

Streetviews by yourself


Discover the Original 360 Camera System, the four distinct mounting systems and our processing program.


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