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To determine the time it needs to do the recording is the recommended starting point when calculating a project.

Processing the data and setting up the player should be done in parallel to the recording, shortening the total time to complete a project.

First one needs to determine the road classes present in the recording area and the number of Kilometers per road class. Multiplied by the average real-world speed achieved, the recording hours per day and the percentage of duplicate recordings one can then calculate the total time needed to record a project.

To determine the right values for these calculations one can do a test run using just a mobile phone and an app to record a GPS track. Then base  the calcualtions on this data specific to the real location. Once the recording started one can refine the calculations based on the new data.

Extra time needs to be reserved for returning to blocked roads and to cover for rainy days. With tourism in mind no recording should be done the days the dustbins are out for collection.

In the end just add Just add 5 minutes each to rig the car in the morning and to store the equipment in the evening by the driver.

Processing usually needs the same number of days as the processing. It shoud be done in parallel.

Setting up the player and doing any optional customisation should be done in parallel to the recording or even ahead using test data. One then just adds the real data when it becomes available.

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