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Resulting player

Example-Data player


Creator 2.0.31

Processing How-To video

Creator Quick Start Guide.
Creator Manual.

Processing Capacity

With the recommended NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card the processing capacity is about 75.000 streetviews a day.

Main Features

  • Creator 2 is free to all customers. No renewal fees.
  • Project and Tour management
  • Create different player layouts to match to your needs
  • A map to view and edit your recordings position and orientation
  • Duplicate Remover for roads recorded twice (or more often)
  • Add Road names from OpenStreetMap
  • Handle Floors of buildings
  • Geo-reference source photos
  • Visualize your data with Google Earth
  • Export in .kml format
  • Create Timeline for Before/After comparison
  • Optimize individual streetviews individually
  • Watermark Designer
  • Create geo-referenced and leveled equirectangular panoramas
  • Create the player with all files
  • Dark and Light theme
  • Tidy Interface with Standard and Advanced view
  • Multi-language: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, German.
 Project Management
  • Have many projects at the same time.
  • Add new tours to an existing project.
  • Back up and restore a project or tour.
  • Move/copy tours from one project to another.
  • Each project can have many tours.
  • See all tours and tour-specific settings.
  • Add a new tour even months after starting a project.
  • Review all tours of the project on a map.
  • Many different map  providers as base-layer
  • WMS as base-layer
  • Use your own custom map as base-layer
  • Show Points of Interest, POIs
  • Show/Hide Road names
  • Show/Hide Floors
  • Zoom in and out
  • Hide and show tours
  • Click a tour name to zoom in on it
  • Display tours as lines, icons or both
  • Select a single or many streetviews
  • Move and rotate streetview(s)
  • Deactivate and active streetview(s)
  • Automatically line up icons
  • Highlight icons for tunnels
  • Show icons of tunnels only
  • Add Road names from OpenStreetMap
  • Handle Floors of buildings
  • Convert POIs into Floor names
  • Manually sort streetviews into floors

Duplicate Remover
Automatically remove duplicates from roads recorded more than once.

  • Fine-tune by distance
  • Fine-tune by time
  • Fine-tune by altitude
  • In addition you can still make manual changes.
  • Manual changes are not deleted when running the Duplicate Remover again.
  • Create a working player.
  • View it before installing to a server.
  • Review extra player layouts


  • Equirectangular panoramas
  • Player
  • Panorama tiles for the player
  • .sql file for the players database
 Process Settings

You decide what to process how.

  • Enter your Copyright for the equirectangular panoramas EXIF.
  • Adjust for your timezone.
  • Process a small sample quick to show to your customer.
 Player Preview
  • See what the real player would look like.
 Player Settings

Comfortably enter all the settings to customize the player:

  • Start Tour
  • Start streetview
  • Start view: Direction, Left/Right, Up/Down, Zoom
  • Limit view: Up/Down and left/right
  • Title
  • Left Menu Text
  • Left Link
  • Right Menu Text
  • Right Link
  • Permalink Text
  • Timeline Label
  • Map visible/hidden
  • Permalink visible/hidden
  • Menu visible/hidden
  • Map Button visible/hidden
  • Advanced Features
  • Three leveling options: Level, don’t level, static values only.
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll adjustment for the whole Tour or Project
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Apply settings to a single tour, all tours of that day, or all tours.


  • Before/After comparison
  • Compare monthly recordings
  • Document change by recording the same road again and again.
  • Have your own labels.

Separate by Distance

  • Remove clutter
  • Convert a tour recorded with Interval Mode to Distance Mode

Individual Optimizing

  • Level each streetview individually
  • Set Exposure adjustment individually

The fine-print

Creator needs 64-bit Windows 7, 8 or 10.
The evaluation version is 100% identical to the full version you get with the camera. It is just time-limited to 21 days.
There is no need to re-install the full version later. Just enter the activation key.

Update from Creator 1
Creator 2 is free to  all customers. No renewal fees.
Creator 2.x.x creates a copy of the Creator 1.x.x data. Your existing data will not be touched.
You can continue to use your exiting Creator 1 while evaluating Creator 2.