How it works:

Facades automatically matches Streetviews to building coordinates (Lat/Lon) and then creates rectangular photos of the building facades.
The building photos can then be added to your existing GIS system to aid documentation.
For the building coordinates (Lat/Lon), point layer data in SHP, GDB, TAB, KML, GeoJSON and GML formats is accepted.



  • Set the Creator program folder
  • Set the Streetview project output folder
  • Set the point layers data folder

Point layer data

  • Select a point layer
  • Select a unique identifier field as the name for the newly created facades photos
  • Set the maximum distance allowed from the building to the Streetview. The default is set to 25 m.


  • Create the Streetview layer
  • Create the Streetviews
  • Create the building facades photos

Processing Workflow

  • Record Streetviews by car with the Recording Mode set to Distance and 1 meter.
  • With the Creator program, configure the recorded project as usual.
  • Start processing. Manually end processing after 1 minute to get the project configuration file.
  • With your GIS program (e.g. ArcGIS or QGIS) create point data for the buildings you would like to document. Formats supported: SHP, GDB, TAB, KML, GeoJSON, and GML.
  • Use the Facades program to load both the point data layer and the Streetview project output folder.
  • Use the Facades program to create the Streetview layer, selecting only one Streetview right in front of each building.
  • Add the Streetview layer to your GIS program and review.
  • Use the Facades program to create Streetviews.
  • Use the Facades program to create building facades photos.

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