Instant Player

How It Works:

Instant Player serves streetviews without the need to process them before.
This reduces the turnaround time dramatically.

Just configure the project as usual in Creator 3.
Then generate the instant-player folder. It only needs a minute.
Install the optional Instant Player.
Open the Instant Player and add the project to it with a few mouse clicks.

Instant Player immediately starts to serve the streetviews, processing them on-the-fly. There is no noticeable delay.
Once a streetview has been processed it is automatically cached to speed up future requests for it.

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  • Reduces the turnaround time to the bare minimum by avoiding the need to process all streetviews first.
  • Reduces storage space needs by processing and saving only requested streetviews.
  • Basic User authentication build-in.
  • Projects can be updated in Creator 3.
  • Works with Windows 10.
  • For closed user groups like your own office or VPN users.