Remote Control – Map

The Remote Controls Map tab shows the cameras GPS position on a map.
The position is the real position from the cameras GPS receiver, not from the tablet.
Making this a very convenient way to check that the positioning works well.

For the map you can use map-tiles from any provider.
Including map-tiles made form aerial images. And your own, custom-made, map-tiles.
The same set of map-tiles can be used with the Remote Control, the processing program, the web-player and the Android Offline Player.

For this demo we use aerial map-tiles.
Of course the map tab also works without map-tiles.
You can zoom in and out. And adjust the yellow vehicles position on the screen to your needs.
Or operate the tablet in portrait orientation.

At the top you see the number of GPS satellites, the recording mode, in this case “Manual”, the number of the last recorded data-set, and the speed of the vehicle.

.kmz overlays can be loaded to tell the driver what area to record.
Once you start driving a track becomes visible.