Remote Control – Settings

The Settings tab is valid for all projects.

The first entry is for project specific settings.
By default a new project is started with sensible default settings.
If you change “Use default settings” to “Use settings from currently open project” all the settings will be copied from the open project to the new project. This helps with consistency.

The second entry is for the default tab to open when you launch the App.
By default the Preview tab with thumbnails is opened.

Next entry is “Format the SSD”.
New SSDs needs to be formatted before the very first usage. Also formatting is the way to empty SSDs before re-using them.

In the Expert Mode you can change the camera name and update the cameras firmware. All other options are for troubleshooting only and should not be used without previous advice from the Applied Streetview support department.

Check out all other tabs:
Help, Language, Settings
Record, Map, Preview, Status, POI, Battery