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To document the progress of a construction site or the development of a city we recommend to create the streetview player with a timeline.

Just record the same roads again. Then add the new recordings to your existing project as a timeline.
Streetviews are automatically linked together. Use the players Timeline selector to travel through time.

Timeline is a feature of the Creator processing program for Windows included with all Applied Streetview cameras.

A Before, During and After timeline of a road construction site.
A crossroad is turned into a roundabout:

Main Timeline Features

  • Unlimited number of timelines
  • Unlimited number of tours per timeline
  • Unlimited number of streetviews per timeline
  • Individual custom name for each timeline.
  • Automatic linking of timelines
  • Permalink for each view. Share with a colleague or save to a database.
  • Comfortable configuration with Creator program.
  • Can be combined with all other player features.
  • Over 40 background map providers to pick from. Or use your own custom map-tiles.
  • Applied Streetview Camera System for recording



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