Railway Camera System

The Railway Camera System is the turn-key solution for recording by locomotive.

Main features

Rainproof camera. Build-in 1 TB SSD.
Data capacity for 1000 km of railway track when recording every 5 meters.

Railway Editor to geo-reference the tracks, add Milemarkers and process the recorded footage.

Railway Player with search by Division, Subregion, Subdivision and Mile Marker.

Give it a try: Lithuania Railway player.

The Railway Camera System includes:
Magnetic Roof-Mount. Documentation to help build your own locomotive-specific mount. Camera with GPS, leveling, battery and permanently build-in 1TB SSD to record to. Quick release connector. Tablet as WiFi remote. Battery Monitor by Bluetooth. A licence for for our Windows processing program Railway Editor. One Railway Player license for display on your website. Rugged camera case. Chargers and cables.

A few impressions:

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