Autobahn Showcase

German Autobahn (Motorway)

In Summer of 2018 we recorded the German Motorway A5 nearby Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Germany.
Including the Steingrund (Southbound) and Kaiserstein (Northbound) parking areas and the junctions Langen and Neu Isenburg.
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How we did the Autobahn project

We recorded all 4 lanes of each direction of the motorway as a single tour with the Original 360 Streetview Camera and the Car Mount. The optional OBD2 wheel sensor was used to increase positioning accuracy and robustness.

Then we automatically blurred all faces and number plates using the Privacy Keeper.
Followed by processing with Creator 3.

Because having all 4 lanes of each direction is a bit of an overkill we deactivated most of the footage using the Duplicate Remover set to a distance of 20 meters instead of the default 5 meters. Followed by a bit of manual fine tuning.

In hindsight recording each lane as an individual tour would have saved 8 of the 10 minutes spend on manual fine tuning. This is a good example for straight instructions to the driver, based the needs of the project and experience of processing.

We then processed everything and uploaded the streetview tiles to our Amazon S3 cloud. Using CloudFront ensures a speedy delivery of the streetview tiles to viewers worldwide. The last step the was to upload the player itself to our own server and to create and connect the MySQL database.

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