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Please find bellow specifications for our Applied Streetview Original 360 Camera, GPS and the Creator 2 Processing Software that comes with the camera

Technical Specifications


Number of sensors6
Sensor resolution5 MP
Sensor size2560 x 1920 pixel
Image formatjpg
Max frame rate7 fps
Field of view360 x 160 degree.
All but the car's rooftop.
Release modesDistance, Interval, Manually, POI (Point of Interest)
Streetview logImage number, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Heading,
GPS date and time.
Pitch, Roll, Direction, speed.
Number of satellites, GNSS fix, HDOP, VDOP, etc.
Track logExtra track recorded at 20 Hz.
Binary logAll data the GPS (really: GNSS) device provides.
Data capacityUnlimited due to swappable SSDs.
SSD capacity 120 GB, 250 GB, 500GB, 750 GB, 1 TB
Recording CapacityEach data-set is about 4MB.
The 120GB SSD lasts for 30,000 streetviews.
The 1TB SSD lasts for 250.000 streetviews.
With Distance release mode set to 5 meters:
- 120GB SSD lasts for 120km.
- 1TB SSD lasts for 1000 km.
Power supply12 Volt DC by provided batteries and chargers
Remote ControlVia WIFI by Android App on the included tablet
MountsMounts for car , backpack, Ferry and locomotive are available.
Exposure, white balance, gainAutomatic
DimensionsHeight: 40 cm, Diameter: 18 cm
Camera Weight
1.8 kg (without battery)
Sensors6 Aptina MT9P031, 5MP each
Lenses6 fisheye lenses, f2.8, fixed focus
Lens protection6 screw-on UV filters. Easy to clean and replace
Heat dissipationTwo large heat-sinks and an internal fan.


Positioning SystemGNSS and RTK with Dead Reckoning and optional wheel sensor
ModuleSpatial by Advanced Navigation
Receiveru-blox M8
Supported Navigation SystemsGPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Accuracy improvementRTK (optional)
Positioning robustnessOBD2 wheel sensor (optional)
Accuracy GNSS only
Horizontal Position Accuracy
Vertical Position Accuracy

2.0 m
3.0 m
Accuracy with RTK
Horizontal Position Accuracy
Vertical Position Accuracy

0.02 m
0.03 m
Max recording speedRecording in Distance mode set to 5 meters: 110 km/h
RTK correction signalRTCM 3.1 by NTRIP.
By mobile phone and bluetooth.


ProgramCreator 3 by Applied Streetview
Processing capacity250.000 streetviews per day. With NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card.
Operating systemWindows 10, 64-bit.
Streetview FormatEquirectangular
Streetview size8192 x 4096 pixel
Streetview FOV360 x 160 degree. Everything but the rooftop of the car.
Streetview formatjpg
Leveling modesAuto leveling, Static leveling, no leveling.
Meta-dataYour Copyright, local recording date and time, Latitude,
Longitude, Altitude, Direction, GPS Date, GPS Time.
Main FeaturesProject management
Tour management
2-screen mode to view both the map and the streetview
Visualization on map and aerial images
Automatic duplicate removing
Automatic leveling
Automatic application of road names from OpenStreetMap
Convert recordings from Interval into Distance mode
Manual editing
Optional individual settings per streetview
Player configuration
Player preview
Creation of datasets for
Web Player
Android Player
Instant Player
Google Earth Pro
Streetviews only
Quick processing of selected samples only
Automatic processing