STEP 2: Recording Streetviews - as simple as pressing a button

Discover the pleasure of recording Streetviews all by yourself – no technical knowledge required. Looking for more benefits? Just read on.

Quick Camera Setup

One person can set up the Applied Streetview Camera in under five minutes.

Work All Day

The rechargeable 12 volt battery means the camera will work for as long as you do. Most of our clients will set the camera to capture an image every 5 meters. That’s 64,000 Streetviews per day!

Plug and Play

It’s easy to use the camera. It comes with two cables: one for charging purposes and one that connects to the GPS receiver. Plug them in, and off you go – it’s as simple as that!

Save on Cash & Work Smart

The camera uses off-the-shelf solid state drives, so you don’t need to format expensive proprietary cartridges.

A one terabyte hard drive can store up to 250,000 Streetviews. If you reach the storage limit, just plug in a new drive and keep collecting your recordings.

Record 8k+ Quality Streetviews Anywhere – thanks to the Protective Lenses

The six camera lenses are protected by disposable lens covers which you can clean or replace yourself.

Remote Control – because YOU are in control!

Control the camera via the Remote Control Android app by Applied Streetview. This app will show you your location on the basemap of your choice and allows you to either automatically or manually take images. Three customizable release modes are also available!

Geeky Location Setting

The camera includes its own Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver which accurately geo-locates your Streetviews using the GPS, GLONASS and Galileo navigation satellite systems. The built-in dead reckoning capability from the IMU and the optional wheel sensor makes the camera durable for recording in demanding situations like urban canyons or overhanging trees.

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