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The Applied Streetview Camera System is a turn-key solution that allows our customers to create streetviews all by themselves. This way they can keep their data in-house all the time for data protection, data safety and regulations.

It has been developed with ease of operation in mind. Technicians and trained office staff will do, expensive and hard to find GIS engineers are not needed. Using their own staff our customers gain flexibility, a short turn-around time and work most cost effective.

Using the same camera with different mounts for recording by car, on foot or by bicycle, by locomotive, Hi-rail vehicle or even boat a wide range of possible applications are covered.

In the following we like to provide a quick insight into the five steps making up the whole production process.


Recording needs the same time as driving the roads without recording.

Just add 5 minutes to rig the car in the morning and to store the equipment in the evening. Rigging the car is easy and can be done by a single person, the driver.



Camera Hardware

The cameras batteries need to be charged. So does the tablet.
Accessories like sets of clean lens protectors, SSDs to record to, a cigarette-lighter charger, a suction cup holder for the tablet need to be at hand.

Remote Control
To guide the driver,  a providing an optional background map for the Remote Control is recommended.

Optionally the recording area can be defined by creating a kml/kmz overlay for the Remote Control map.

Optionally roads to record can be shown by creating mbtiles as a transparent overlay for the Remote Control map.


The recording is done by a single person, the cars driver. Rigging the car needs 5 minutes only.
The driver needs to be told what recording area to record in what recording mode. Most common is the “Distance Mode”, set to e.g. 5 meters. This way a streetview data-set is recorded every 5 meters. During the recording a track is painted onto the map. This way one can easily see what roads already have been covered. Multi-day recordings are easy, just switch activate the display of the tracks from the previous days to avoid the roads already covered. Recording the same road more than once is no problem, this will be sorted out automatically later during processing.

When done, take the SSD out of the camera and pass it to the office for processing. Insert an empty SSD into the camera, and recording can continue right away. No extra Laptop or PC is needed for recording.


Processing is done at the office. The included Creator program processes about 75000 streetviews per day using a Windows PC with NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card. This includes the creation of leveled, geo-referenced equirectangular panoramas, the streetview-tiles for the player and the player itself.

Our customers can easily apply their own watermarks, copyright notice and links.


There is no obligation to make any recording public at all.

After processing the player can immediately be opened in a tab of the Creator program to check it.
Multiple players also can be served to all PCs in your office using the optional as-server program.
To serve the internet or just your companies intranet it can be uploaded to an Apache web-server and standard MySQL database. Or a combination of a web-server and a cloud. E.g. Amazon S3.

Or copied to an Android tablet running the optional Android  Offline player.

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