Wheel Sensor

OBD2 adapter

Te use of an odometer input greatly improves the positioning quality for ground vehicles during GNSS dropouts in “urban canyon” situations. When high buildings block, or reduce greatly, the reception of signals from GPS satellites. The same it true for tunnels or roads with dense trees overhead.

For applications where it is undesirable to modify the vehicle or the system needs to be used with multiple vehicles, an OBD2 odometer interface is the ideal solution. OBD2 is a vehicle diagnostic port standard and most vehicles from the mid 1990s onwards contain an OBD2 port. With most cars the OBD2 port is located in the drivers side foot well.

The data cable delivered with all cameras is always ready for OBD2.
Just plug in the OBD2 adapter cable.

Check this website to see if your vehicle is compatible:
The list is not complete.
If your vehicle is not listed, please ask the car dealership or the vehicle manufacturer if it supports OBD2.

For more information see the OBD2 adapter manufacturer website.