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Here at Applied Streetview, the camera is at the heart of all our solutions. Having listened to our business customer’s needs, we created this high-resolution, simple to use industrial imaging system. Then we added a series of versatile mounts, forming three turn-key Applied Streetview products – the Car Camera System, the Backpack Camera System and the Railway Camera System.

These three products have been designed to broaden the limits of data capture, offering a system that can easily and effectively capture streetviews in a range of environments. It is this environment that dictates the product that is best suited for a task.

Car Camera System

This offers versatility in that it can be attached to any car or standard road-based vehicle. A magnetic roof mount connects the camera to a vehicle, ready to quickly capture data across roads, motorways, dirt tracks and more. A tablet is included and used as the WiFi remote control, to be operated from inside the vehicle.

Railway Camera System

This is our most specialized camera system, to be used for recording by locomotive. To help with this, it includes a rainproof camera, as well as a magnetic roof mount and documentation to give guidance for building a custom mount to customers’ specific requirements. Subscriptions to Creator, as well as our rail-specific program, Railway Editor are also included, packed with focused features to handle the data that is captured appropriately.

Backpack Camera System

The Backpack Camera System is incredibly versatile and is made for businesses that need to be able to capture streetviews in complex, hard to reach areas. With this mount, data can be captured from various dynamic vehicles such as bikes and boats, and even as niche as a snowmobile in arctic conditions or a camel when in remote desert areas. Companies that need a streetview system that is as adaptable and changeable as their business are best suited to the Backpack Camera System.

Product conversions

The Car Camera System’s camera can easily be used for recording by Backpack. Just add the Backpack with an ultra-lightweight battery box and pre-configured GPS receiver.

We have designed our three products and conversion add-ons to ensure that our Streetview Camera Solution can capture accurate streetview data in almost any environment. Because of this, we are sure that we can provide the perfect turn-key solution to solve all business problems, no matter how complicated it may be.

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