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Our brand new Creator 5 program has been released in January 2020. Rewritten from scratch with input from selected customers it is a huge improvement over the previous Creator 3.

New Features

  • One-click publishing of the cloud player
  • The same output works with all players:  The new cloud player and the existing LAMP, Windows and Android players.
  • Easy to operate. The interface is shared with all our other programs and the new Online Recording Manager.
  • 50% faster project creation.
  • 30% faster map page.
  • 60% smaller backup files.
  • 50% faster backup creation.
  • 50% faster backup import.
  • More robust.

Creator 5 is available for free testing and installs in parallel to your existing Creator 3 without touching it. Backing up all your projects in Creator 3 and then importing them into Creator 5 is just two mouse clicks.