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Creator 6

The Creator 6 Windows program is the base of the Applied Streetview Software Suite.
It processes the recorded footage into a player.
The player works with literary any webserver. No database needed.
Like our own one-click publishing Cloud Player, as well as for Windows 10 (recommended: Instant Player), Windows Server, and the LAMP stack.

And for Photogram for geo-referencing and measurement and Facades to extract photos from the streetviews

You are welcome to try it for free for two weeks.
Download it at the bottom of this page.

Creator 6 Pro

Creator 6 Pro has been introduce to automate the processing of very large recordings.
E.g. when thousand of tours with Millions of streetviews for a whole state or country need to be processed.

By adding a command line interface Creator 6 Pro now can be controlled by a script (batch, Python, Perl, etc.) to fully automatically process Millions of streetview recordings from many cameras.

See the manual for how to do this.

For testing please download Creator 6 at the bottom of this page.
It works immediately with the build-in licence key.

The Pro feature is then enabled by a licence key.

Please contact sales for a quote and a temporary licence key to test Creator 6 Pro.


Main Features


  • Player interface inspired by Mapillary.com
  • Supports Mapbox.com
  • Made for extremely large projects. Like a whole country.
  • No database anymore.
  • Works with any webserver and cloud.
  • Search incl. geolocation.
  • Asset visualisation and description by URL.
  • One-click publishing to your Amazon AWS cloud.
  • For Cloud, Windows 10, Windows Server, LAMP etc.
  • Easier to customise.
  • Easier to integrate into websites and other already existing solutions.
  • Creator 6 imports projects backed-up by previous Creator 5.
  • Creator 5 imports project backups from new Creator 6. All Creator 6 features are ignored.
  • Alternatively you can still generate the player known from Creator 5.
  • New 2021 Player Demo


  • Cloud Player one-click publishing
  • Cloud Player statistics
  • Project management
  • Tour management
  • Map
  • Duplicate Remover
  • Watermarks
  • Adjust Leveling and Brightness
  • Timeline
  • Player layout setup
  • Player can be 100% translated
  • Tools: Separation
  • Tools: Road-names from OpenStreetMap
  • Tools: Direction from position
  • Tools: Copy sources
  • Creator 6 Pro: Automatic processing by command line.

Morocco Ghost Town. Embedded Cloud Player

Auto-forward enabled.

Timeline to document change.
Click the timeline icon in the player:



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