Railway Editor

How It Works

Railway Editor processes your railway footage into Streetviews and a working Railway Player.


  • Create a railway track’s network from the first Streetview recording
  • Enter mile markers from Streetviews
  • Player with additional selection of tracks
  • Player with additional search for mile markers

Features from Creator


  • Multilingual: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Romanian
  • Standard and Advanced View
  • Dark and Light Theme
  • Preferences
  • Help
  • Tools
    • Geo-reference your source photos
    • Export in .csv, .kml, GeoJSON and Shapefile formats

Project Management

  • Have many projects at the same time
  • Back up all projects
  • Back up and restore a project or tour


  • See all tours
  • See all tour-specific settings
  • Add a new tour, even months after starting a project
  • Move tours from one project to another
  • Copy tours from one project to another
  • Import a tour from a tour backup
  • Import many tours from a project backup


  • See all tours of the project on a map
  • About 40 different map and aerial image providers as base-layer
  • WMS as base-layer
  • Use your own custom maps in a local folder as the base-layer
  • Use your own custom maps at an URL as the base-layer
  • Show Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Show/hide road names
  • Show/hide floors
  • Zoom in and out
  • Hide and show tours
  • Click a tour name to zoom in on it
  • Display tours as lines, icons or both
  • Select a single or many Streetviews
  • Move and rotate Streetview(s)
  • Deactivate and active Streetview(s)
  • Automatically line up icons
  • Highlight icons for tunnels
  • Show icons of tunnels only


  • Add road names from OpenStreetMap


  • Handle floors of buildings
  • Convert POIs into floor names
  • Manually sort Streetviews into floors


  • Create easy before/during/after comparison
  • Document change with monthly recordings of the same roads: January, February, March, April…
  • Have your own labels

Duplicate Remover

  • Automatically remove duplicates from roads recorded more than once
  • Automatically fine-tune by distance
  • Automatically fine-tune by time
  • Automatically fine-tune by altitude
  • In addition, you can still make manual changes
  • Manual changes are not deleted when running the Duplicate Remover again

Separate by Distance

  • Convert Interval Mode to Distance Mode
  • Process selected tours only
  • Reset


  • Switch watermarks on or off
  • Enter the text, font, size, opacity, and number of watermarks
  • Add a mask to e.g. hide the roof of the recording vehicle


  • Three leveling options: level, don’t level, static leveling
  • Yaw, pitch, and roll by tour(s) or for the whole project
  • Exposure adjustment by tour(s) or for the whole project
  • Adjust leveling for the rigging of the recording vehicle
  • Adjust to your timezone
  • Save to this tour
  • Save to all tours of the same day
  • Save to all tours
  • Undo save

Individual Optimizing

  • Level each Streetview individually
  • Set exposure adjustment individually

Player Settings

  • Basic
  • Streetview settings
  • Map
  • POI
  • Floors
  • Automatic rotation
  • Expert settings
  • Start tour and start Streetview
  • Start view: direction, left/right, up/down, zoom
  • Limit view: up/down and left/right
  • Title
  • Left menu text
  • Left menu link
  • Right menu text
  • Right menu link
  • Permalink text
  • Timeline label
  • Map visible/hidden
  • Permalink visible/hidden
  • Menu visible/hidden
  • Map button visible/hidden
  • Many more features

Player Preview

  • See what the real player would look like
  • Go back and forth to player settings to meet your needs

Process Preferences

  • Enter your copyright notice for the equirectangular Streetviews EXIF
  • Global or individual leveling settings
  • Process a small sample quickly to show to your customer
  • Create a project backup before processing
  • Folder settings


  • Start/stop processing
  • Open output folder
  • Create equirectangular Streetviews
  • Create Streetview tiles for the player
  • Create the player itself and the .sql file for the MySQL database
  • Create a .zip file for the Android Offline Player
  • Save this project’s settings as the new default

2nd Monitor

  • See the Creator program and a selected Streetview at the same time


Our programs are available to you for free for two weeks for evaluation. Get started right now!

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© Copyright 2019, Streetview Technology GmbH.
All rights reserved.
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