Use the benefits of 360° for your daily business

Applied Streetview is useful for surveys and decision making processes such as
• Inventories
• Maintenance procedures
• Quality control
• Documentation of current conditions
• Construction planning
• Documentation of construction

With the modern technology of Applied Streetview, you can complete everyday tasks in a professional manner and more efficiently than ever before. For the first time, Applied Streetview allows you to visualize buildings, bridges, streets, sidewalks, and residential and commercial zones quickly and easily in photo-realistic clarity. It also lets you create a wide range of documentation and plans.
Its multiple applications are useful for state and traffic planners, building authorities, architects, business development associations, and many other users.

Planning processes for
real estate and city development projects

An overview of possible applications:
• Remote diagnosis
• Before and After comparison
• SWOT analyses
• Capacity planning
• Virtual accessibility
• Desaster preparation

Is this the ideal location? Does the architecture look harmonious? Is the building the correct height?
When you use project simulation from Applied Streetview, you have the perfect instrument for planning and visualization, an instrument which is also useful in the early stages of your project to accelerate decision making processes and avoid possible wrong decisions.
Applied Streetview transfers arrangements for your project to the internet and eliminates the need for multiple time-, personnel-, and cost-intensive steps in production. It also provides potential customers with a graphical and realistic simulation of the project. It is specifically designed to make real estate and construction projects more experiential and comprehensible for any viewer.

Mobile mapping

• Saving time through quick data collection
• Shortening and avoiding street closures
• Customer specific, modular analyses
• Detailed, complete data sets
• Improved life cycle management
• Impressive cost-performance ratio

Mobile mapping is becoming more and more important for street planning. Applied Streetview can be used for the mobile documentation of interstates, highways, train tracks, and waterways. Using Applied Streetview, civil engineering departments and others responsible for roadway maintenance can improve their infrastructure management. We can successfully implement mobile documentation even in areas which are difficult to reach, for instance in narrow canals. Applied Streetview uses mobile documentation to deliver solid data sets used to survey and evaluate surface deformations of larger objects like streets, bridges, or supporting walls.

Emergency protection

Applied Streetview offers considerable advantages when dealing with catastrophes like flooding, earthquakes, landslides, etc. Thanks to detailed, actual pictures, it is easy to quickly and precisely assess the situation and receive useful information for analyzing and visualizing damage in a short period of time.

More than a panorama. Use Applied Streetview as an impressive design application.

Because of their multiple uses, our 360° panorama applications are valuable tools for every modern business.

"A picture is Worth a Thousand words.
We provide the solution for thousands of panoramas to you."

Jan Martin, CEO Streetview Technology GmbH

Overview of applications:

  • City, regional, and landscape planning
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Entities which document and register real estate
  • Topographical analyses for various purposes (analyses of incline, exposure, insolation, quantity surveying, calculation of outflow)
  • Civil engineering (quantity surveying, traffic planning and street construction)
  • Choosing optimal corridors (i.e. for streets, pipelines, etc.)
  • Energy delivery (electricity, gas) as well as supply and disposal (water, waste water)
  • Geological and soil mapping, monitoring ground and surface water quality
  • Environmental research and environmental monitoring, mapping, and analysis of natural resources like animals and plants, soil quality, hydrological resources, air quality, climate, forestry, agriculture, ecological and biological studies
  • Logging and monitoring events (criminal activity, accidents, fire, disruptions)
  • Socio-economic mapping
  • Geospatial market analyses (SWOT analyses))
  • Archaeology
  • Property management and marketing
  • Tourism
  • Economic promotion



The Applied Streetview Camera System is a complete solution that covers all steps from recording to display.
No additional parts or development is needed. The camera records at a 30 Megapixel resolution at 7 frames per second. Three recording modes are available for release: Distance, time and manually. Coverage is 360 x 160 degree, that is the whole world except the cars rooftop. The included GNSS receiver covers 4 independent GPS systems for high accuracy mapping world-wide. A dedicated leveling sensor allows for automatic leveling. Each panorama is fully geo-referenced with Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Direction, GPS date and time and local date and time. The created panoramas work with virtually all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Photogrammetry solutions. The included PC processes recordings into panoramas, and then into a working player.
The PC automatically creates a working krpano panorama viewer with our exclusive leafletjs map plug-in. Maps from many map providers as well as aerial images and custom maps can be displayed.


Backpack or Roof-Rack?

No matter whether you’re recording on foot, with your bicycle or by car, Applied Streetview provides the mount to achieve the full 360° panorama experience. You can fasten the camera system to the back or onto the roof-rack of your car.
The camera has six sensors which, taken together, have a resolution of 30 megapixels. One picture covers a section of 360 x 160 degrees, offering you an essentially complete panorama view. Only the person carrying the backpack or the cars rooftop are not pictured. The camera records footage for up to seven panoramas per second. A built-in GPS system determines where the picture was taken and in which direction the camera was pointed. During processing by the included PC the software assembles the photos and writes position, time and the direction into each panoramic picture.







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Documents available:

- Overview
- Backpack Camera
- Car Camera

- Camera Datasheet

All downloads available.


Voila ma Suisse campaign

Just delivered 12 camera systems for the Voila ma Suisse campaign.
12 Mazda cars travelling Switzerland for 6 months.

Documenting the unseen Switzerland.

A few impressions from preparing the fleet of brand-new Mazda cars: