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Map Downloader

Our Map Downloader program is a convenient way to download maps tiles and even aerial images for offline usage.

It supports both free downloads and custom URLs for registered or paid accounts.

Main Features

  • Select download region with your mouse
  • Select download region by Creator 5 project
  • Select download region by Latitude / Longitude coordinates
  • Select download region by gpx, kml, kmz and geojson file
  • Pick from over 40 map providers and aerial image providers
  • Alternatively use  a custom download URL for registered accounts
  • Pick the zoom levels you want to download
  • Preview your downloads with the included map player


  1. Mark a region to download tiles for.
  2. Set the zoom levels.
  3. Pick one of over 40 map providers or aerial image providers.
  4. Download.


All our programs are available for evaluation for two weeks.
Free of charge.

Please register and log in for the free downloads.