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Creator 8

Our newest Creator 8 program for Windows 10 and Windows 11.
It is the core of the Applied Streetview Software Suite.

It processes the footage recorded by our own Applied Streetview 360 camera into a player that works with literary any webserver or cloud. No database needed.

Creator 8
features an even faster payer than Creator 7.
We also added a feature to easily review the real player before publishing. Just press a button. No installation of a local server needed.

You are welcome to try Creator 8 for free for two weeks.
Download Creator 8 at the bottom of this page.

Main Features

Faster player
For large and dense projects the player now is a lot faster than with Creator 7.
Updating just needs minutes. No need to upload all the street view tiles again.

View Player
A “View Player” button has been added to the “Export” page to view the created player right away.
No need for a local 3rd-party server anymore to review the real player before publishing it.

Custom Maps
Now up to 3 custom maps can be configured. Instead of just one custom map.

Player: Maps
Other than the default map one can now set up all other maps visible in the player too.

Zoom level increased from 18 to 22.

Amazon AWS cloud
Added newly available regions: Asia Pacific (Hyderabad), Asia Pacific (Jakarta), Europe (Spain), Europe (Zurich), Middle East (UAE).

Switch off generation of street view tiles
For 3rd-party workflows the creation of the street view tiles can now be deactivated globally in Preferences -> Advanced.
In case only the large 8192 x 4096 pixel street views with EXIF metadata are needed.

Other Features

  • Refined UI (User Interface)
  • Supports Mapbox.com
  • Made for extremely large projects. Like a whole country.
  • Works with any webserver and cloud.
  • Search incl. geolocation.
  • Asset visualization and description by URL.
  • One-click publishing to your Amazon AWS cloud.
  • For Cloud, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server, LAMP etc.
  • Easier to customize.
  • Easier to integrate into websites and other already existing solutions.
  • Easy testing: Installs additionally to previous Creator releases.
  • Very easy to upgrade from Creator 7. Just backup and reimport your projects.
  • Cloud Player one-click publishing
  • Cloud Player statistics
  • Project management
  • Tour management
  • Map
  • Duplicate Remover
  • Watermarks
  • Adjust Leveling and Brightness
  • Timeline

Player layout setup

  • Player can be 100% translated
  • Tools: Separation
  • Tools: Road-names from OpenStreetMap
  • Tools: Direction from position
  • Tools: Copy sources


Morocco Ghost Town. Embedded Cloud Player

Auto-forward enabled.

Timeline to document change.
Click the timeline icon in the player:



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