For measurement and tagging  we provide our Photogram program for Windows PCs.

Main Features:

  • Download Photogram for free for 21 days for evaluation
  • Exports in shapefile (.shp) format for ArcGIS
  • Exports in .csv format for QGIS
  • Asset Tagging
  • Measurement of a length or height
  • Measurement of an area,e.g. an advertising sign or a wall.
  • Multi-Language
  • Made with mass-production in mind
  • For each measurement additional quality data is saved for easy Quality Assurance

Screenshot: Line length measurement
Phgotogram- measure a lenght

Download the free 21 day version of Photogram right now to give it a try.
Example Data (1.13 GB):

Or have a look at the Photogram 2 Manual first.