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Photogram works with sequences of streetviews crated by our Creator program from footage recorded by our camera.
The user marks an object visible in two streetviews. And Photogram provides the objects Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.

This works for

  • Points (Lat/Lon/Alt)
  • Lines (2x Lat/Lon/Alt provides a length)
  • Rectangles (4x Lat/Lon/Alt provides the size of e.g. a billboard

Photogram is optimized for fast mass production.



  • Exports in shapefile (.shp) format for ArcGIS
  • Exports in .csv format for QGIS
  • Asset Tagging
  • Measurement of a length or height
  • Measurement of an area,e.g. the size of an advertising sign or a wall.
  • Multi-Language
  • Made with mass-production in mind
  • For each tagging and measurement additional quality data is saved for easy Quality Assurance

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